Certified Specialist SBA Criminal Law (2019)
Doctorate of Law, University of Lausanne (2013)
Leadership 1 & Management of the Swiss Association of Executives (2010)
Lawyer’s patent from the Valais (2007)
Certificate of Advanced Studies in Criminal Justice, Institute of Fight against Economic Crime, Neuchâtel (2006)
Master of Law (M Law), University of Fribourg (2001)
Latin-English Maturity of the Lycée-Collège de la Planta, Sion (1996)

Continuing Education

Continuing Education Day, Association romande des spécialistes en droit pénal
Continuing Education Day “Fictions et réalités des auditions – comment adopter des bonnes pratiques ?”, University of Neuchâtel
Continuing Education Day “Les conclusions en procédures civile et pénale”, University of Neuchâtel
Corporate Criminal Law Day, University of Lausanne
Seminar CIDECR “Le droit de la circulation routière dans tous ses états”, University of Neuchâtel
Continuing Education Day “Dix ans de CPP”, University of Neuchâtel
Criminal Law Day, University of Geneva
Lawyer Congress, Luzern
Training Day on the Swiss Code of Criminal Procedure, University of Geneva
Symposium of the Latin Concordat on the Execution of Custodial Sentences and Measures, Ascona
Seminar on the value of Criminal Law, Zurich
Advanced course of Criminal Law organised by the Swiss Society of Criminal Law, Lugano/Montreux
Swiss Conference of Conciliation Authorities in the matter of lease law
Seminar on Lease Law, Neuchâtel
Seminar SBA “En route vers la numérisation”, Lausanne
Seminar SBA on electronic communication, Lausanne
Participation in the Valais Legal Days at the Kurt Bösch University Institute in Bramois/Sierre (HES-SO Valais)